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RunwayMap is a pilot community all about the passion of flying. Share your flight experiences and connect with other pilots.

Our app has been developed by pilots for pilots and complements moving maps such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen and Garmin Pilot.

Off on a new flying adventure? Let yourself be inspired! In RunwayMap, you have important airport info at a glance for more than 20,000 airports in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. You can search for flight destinations, get information on the airports and share your experiences and flight reports with other pilots.

RunwayMap currently has the following features:

• Search by name or ICAO to discover new airports
• Receive important information such as the current aviation weather with METAR/TAF, address, position, runways, NOTAM, and frequencies
• Mark and save what airports you’ve already flown to or those you’d like to fly to next
• Save your personal notes for every airport
• You can export the next flight destinations directly to the flight planning tools ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot

Aviation Weather
• Current aviation weather reports with METAR /TAF, visual flight conditions und wind forecasts are shown on our map.
• Furthermore, with Weather PLUS you get a 5-day forecast

• Discover restaurants and hotels near the airport
• Get informed about fuel, public transport and car rental offers

3D & Satellite Views
• Check out the airport environment in 3D and satellite views
• Use the OpenStreetMap view for detailed vehicle access information

• Create your RunwayMap profile to save personal marks and notes
• This will synchronize RunwayMap across your devices

• With just a few clicks, add your flight documents, such as the Jeppesen approach charts, FAA terminal procedures and airport diagrams, airway manuals or the Garmin pilot’s guide. That way you always have them close at hand

• Use the handy calculator for conversions for distance, weight, temperature, and more
• Have it display your QNH and QFE

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RunwayMap is not a tool for flight planning. It is an app that allows you to discover new airports and get ideas for places to fly to.

Please note the following important points:
• RunwayMap is not intended to provide aeronautical information or navigation aids. For navigation purposes, we strongly recommend using only approved and updated aviation information such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen or Garmin Pilot.
• The weather data shown in RunwayMap is only general information about possible weather development. It does not replace professional weather briefing by an official body before the flight.
• QFE and QNH are calculated based on the current local pressure and the GPS altitude by the sensors installed in your smartphone or tablet. They may differ from the real values and should not be used for flight navigation.

I forgot my password Please use the «forgot password» feature in the login form of the RunwayMap App, to reset your password.

Delete my Account To delete your RunwayMap Account, send us a message via the contact form. Please note to write us the e-mail address, you used to sign-up at RunwayMap.

Ideas or feedback?

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RunwayMap Updates

Free for iPhone and iPad: Latest version 1.8.1 from 10/18/2017
Free for Android: Latest version 1.8.2 from 10/16/2017

RunwayMap - Die Piloten-App für IFR & VFR Piloten. Ergänzt Jeppesen und Garmin Pilot. RunwayMap - Die Piloten-App für IFR & VFR Piloten. Ergänzt Jeppesen und Garmin Pilot.